Lawn Care Tips – Pests

A healthy lawn contributes to your property value and the overall appearance of your neighborhood. It provides a natural, safe surface where your family can play and relax. By following a few simple tips, you can keep your lawn healthy and environmentally beneficial.

Pests:  A healthy, vigorous, dense turf is the best defense against invasion by weeds and other pests. Check your lawn regularly to catch problems early. Usually the presence of a few insect pests or weeds is not cause for concern. Insects rarely damage healthy lawns in Alberta. Most insects you’ll find in your lawn will either not be a problem or may even be beneficial. If you’re concerned that insects may be causing damage, consult a lawn care professional.

If you have just a few broadleaved weeds scattered throughout your lawn, consider removing them manually before they produce seed heads. If you choose to use herbicides, spot spray the weeds rather than treating the whole lawn. Avoid using weed bars or weed and feed products. Always read product labels and wear protective clothing when using herbicides.

Turf diseases are easily confused with other problems such as dog urine, fertilizer burn, dull mower blades, road/sidewalk salt, or compacted soil. Fungicide applications are almost never warranted on home lawns in Alberta. A lawn consisting of a blend of various Kentucky bluegrass cultivars mixed with some creeping red fescue will resist diseases well. If a disease occurs, some plants in this mixture may be susceptible but most others will be resistant.

Fairy ring: A home lawn disease that most frequently causes concern. It causes a circular or semi-circular ring, varying from a few inches to 50 feet or more in diameter, of dark green grass, which may die over time. Mushrooms often follow the ring pattern, particularly in spring and fall. If it’s not severe, you can mask the problem with an application of nitrogen fertilizer. Spiking the area just outside the dead ring with a garden fork then soaking it with soapy water and keeping it soaked with hose water may help lessen the problem. A more drastic solution is to remove the soil 18 to 24 inches in front and behind the dead ring to a depth of 12 to 36 inches (depending on the development of the fungus).

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