Liquid Fertilizer: Liquid fertilization is an in house mixture of natural ingredients (mostly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, plus micro nutrients), Liquid fertilizer acts faster and applies more evenly to green your lawn.  Liquid application lasts about 4- 5 weeks before needing reapplication.

Weed Control: Dandelions, clover, thistle! Whatever the problem may be, Maxigreen has the solution for you.

Vegetation Control: Vegetation Control (Round-Up) is a complete vegetation control service that is usually used for back alleys, back lanes, gravelled areas, parking lots / driveways, or empty lots. We never apply Round-Up to lawns as a weed control service. Round-Up does not sterilize soil and new lawn seed or sod can be planted seven (7) days after the application. (this service is for commercial properties only)

Core Aeration: Aeration is the process in which cores of thatch and soil are punched and pulled out of your lawn. Aeration opens up of the soil and allows water, nutrients and oxygen to penetrate and improve the root zone for a healthier soil and stronger turf grass root system.  Aeration can reduce watering by up to 50%. 

(If Booked By May 26 , And For New Clients Only)

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As a homeowner, you take pride in having a healthy, beautiful landscape, and at Maxigreen, we promise to take care of your lawn as if it were our own. We will help you identify problem areas such as soil compaction, excess thatch layer, weed, insects and diseases. We will also identify water, pet and/or shade problems and offer solutions.

All work done by Maxigreen will be performed by professionally trained applicators who truly care about the health and appearance of your lawn. We offer you over 20 years experience in the lawn care industry. You can be guaranteed professionals will service your lawn.

Choose from any one of our four programs that are guaranteed to give you a lawn to be proud of, and save you money. If at any time during your program you are not completely satisfied, call us, we will return and re-apply as required with no cost to you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Learn more about our guaranteed programs starting as low as $47.60 + GST per application. For your free lawn care evaluation call Maxigreen today at 780 444-3378.
*Accounts must be in good standing. Overdue balances will void the guarantee. Pricing includes up to 4000 sq ft of lawn.